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"Hi, I'm Lulu. Lots of lovely kiddies have been born on our farm.  Our kids are usually separated from us at birth. It's a traumatic time. But standard dairy practice requires that kids be weaned at eight weeks. If they stay with us, they'll be sucking until seven months. Our humans won't get their milk and we'll probably end up at the ... no, that's too terrible to contemplate. The result is that the kids are very individualistic and they love their humans - as we all do.

Here is the latest batch of kids and their proud owner. The kids were born in late May.

  And here are two of them a couple of months later (first and third from the left) with Gratiem and Priktai (second and fourth from the left).

  This is Connie, fresh from the womb.

And here she is three days later, running around the boss's house.

  Connie and Tiger can't get enough milk.

Ginger was once a cuddly creature.

  But look how quickly she grew up.

Little Bart standing a few hours after born. (You couldn't imagine what a monster he is now!)

Some of kids born on the farm crowding for affection. As I told you, these bottle-reared kids love their humans.

I don't know why, but they left my daughter with me. They didn't take her away at birth. They must be sentimental. Maybe as queen I get a special privilege? Here she is. They call her Gop. I wonder why? Does she look like a frog?

Follow this link to see:
Kids of October 04

And finally, where does all the milk go? Not all of it goes back into the kids. Our humans make cheese with it. Take a look =>


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