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"The best part of life is eating. If you're a goat you can eat all day. Well, nearly all day. But the best food is served at breakfast and dinner: grain and beans. The rest of the day we are left to eat grass and leaves, also quite tasty.

  Let's start with the grain. Smells of vanilla and molasses. Delicious! Mai is mixing mineral powder with the grain. This ensures that we have sufficient trace minerals like copper, iron, zinc. The grain is high in protein, which is good for growth and good for making milk. That's why we get more grain if we are milking.

The humans grow beans for us, which they dry in the sun, and feed to us in our rooms at night.

Here's a closer look at this delicious leaf. Yum yum! And full of protein! What more could a goat want?

Here is Saengjan eating some of the finished product. Even though it is dry and old, it's irresistible.

Evening meal service includes grass hay. Khun Sngah brings a big bundle every afternoon. The hay is distributed to each room so we are never hungry.

  Nellie and Olive sharing some grass hay.

Fresh grass is tastiest at the tips. That's where the protein is - and the flavour. We usually just bite of the tips of the grass and move on.

We goats are classified as browsers, not grazers. That means we prefer to reach up for our food, rather than down. We prefer leaves to grass. Leaves are cleaner. They don't have parasites. If we see a tree or a bush, we will race over and eat the leaves in preference to grass.

Now let's take a look at the cute side of goat farming: kiddies. =>

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