Lulu and Daisy Dairy Goat Farm - milking

"We are ordinary Thai goats, bred for meat. But here we are milked. We don't have much milk, but they milk us here anyway, twice a day, at 7am and 5 pm. Better than being chopped up and eaten, that's for sure!

It works like this: at milking time, they separate the milkers from the non-milkers. We milkers stand around outside in the milking pen until it is our turn. Then we race into the milking room, jump up onto the milking stand and eat delicious grain while they milk us.

Here I am greeting Mai outside the milkery. "Hi Mai, where's the food?"

Here's Mai milking Fifi. She's a first time milker. She's now in her sixth month of milking and still producing about 800 or 900 ml of milk per day, quite good for a Thai goat.

And here is Tuk milking old Tua Daeng.

  Hi, Daisy again. Let's take a closer look at the most important part of a goat's life: FOOD! =>

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