Lulu and Daisy Dairy Goat Farm - October kids

Lulu becomes a grandmother

"October was a busy month. Four does on the farm had kids. Each one had a boy and a girl. One of the girls who had kiddies was my very own daughter, Koala. That makes me a grandmother!"

Here are my two grandkids: Jacko and Rani. They look like pure examples of the Jakharana breed from India. My daughter, Koala, has a bit of Jakharana in her. But these kids are much closer to the breed than she is.

Here's little Rani. What a little beauty!


And here's Olive's daughter, Mimas. Olive is Nubian, here daughter has a bit of Saanen and a bit of Alpine. What a weird mixture.

Here is Kratai (righ) holding up Phoebe. She is Fifi's second daughter and has distinct Nubian features.

A little buck kid, Titan - half Saanen half Nubian.

And finally, where does all the milk go? Not all of it goes back into the kids. Our humans make cheese with it. Take a look =>

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